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Digital Wedding Invite Application


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Gone are the days of sending printed invitation cards to your guest, calling family members with updates on wedding events or sending mass texts to guests with directions to venues.

LetZframe, a new wedding app, can replace the traditional wedding planning methods, with an app for the tech-savvy, fast-moving and multitasking bride.

LetZframe focuses on creating an interactive experience where the bride and bridegroom can communicate with their bridal party and other guests directly from their smart phones and tablets. 

Couples can begin their journey to hassle-free wedding coordination by creating a custom wedding app that matches the tone and motif of their wedding.

On the app the couple can include the story of how they met, engagement photos and special songs.

Once the app has been created, the couple can invite family and friends to access the app for free, using a special code. Each guest will then have access to information, including wedding events, dates, locations and more. There is also a function that allows the guests to send private messages to the bride and groom.


6 Steps to a Live App:



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Key Features:

Custom App Design Each app can be custom designed to suit the special design requirements of the customer. The design can either be fresh or mimic your existing Wedding Card Design. View some of our designs on the Designs Page.
Wedding Logo: Immortalize your wedding with a specially created logo that is exclusive and personalized. 
Reminders: Be reminded of key occasions and events. Set unlimited reminders on the app to ensure you don’t miss critical events. 
RSVP: Invitees may RSVP their availability either by SMS or Email directly from the App. The SMS’s and Emails are automatically sent to your Phone or Email ID.
Google Maps: Find the wedding venue coordinates at the click of a button with this feature.
Post Wishes: A special feature where invitees can send you their wishes for the occasion.
Transmit App: Propagate the application among your friends and family using this feature. Share the Google Play link with all your friends by Email, SMS and Social Media.
Notes: Capture notes on the fly. Add, modify or delete. You will not need another application to manage your wedding scribbles.



Detailed Feature Listing:

Wedding Application Screens:

Features Admin Guest
Landing Page: The first screen that the user gets on opening the app. This screen reflects the design elements used across the app. You could have a captivating image of the couple here with a nice wedding quote setting the mood for what is to follow. Yes Yes
Intro Page: This Page introduces the Bride and the Groom. The Personalized Wedding logo is displayed on this page. Yes Yes
Menu Page: This is the Index Page and displays links to all the pages in the app. The links are displayed in a Grid format for style and usability. Yes Yes
Invitation Screen: An exclusively designed Invitation page, where the content is either borrowed from you printed wedding invite or custom written. Yes Yes
Program Screen: Displays key events and their dates and timing, a reminder feature at the bottom of the screen enables you to set unlimited number of reminders to ensure you don’t miss the event.. Yes Yes
Gallery Screen: The Gallery page displays all the fabulous photos for the occasion. Yes Yes
Wishes Screen: This screen displays all the wishes that have been sent to you by your guests using the app. Yes No
Best Compliments Screen: This screen displays compliments received from your near and dear ones. Yes Yes
Venue Screen: The Venue Screen displays the Venue address. The map feature on the venue screen takes you directly to the venue on Google map. Yes Yes
Our Story Screen: This screen captures the story of your wedding. The story page gives you a wonderful opportunity to articulate to friends and family your coming together. Yes Yes
Notes Screen: Capture urgent Wedding related Notes on the fly. One stop shop for your wedding scribbles. Yes No

Design Features:

Features Admin Guest
Custom App Design: Each app is designed as per the design requirements of the customer Yes Yes
Wedding Logo: An exclusive personalized logo will be designed for your app. The logo will also act as the app icon on Google Play. Yes Yes
Stock Design: You could also select from a selection of designs that our designers have pre-designed for you. Yes Yes
Button Layout: You could select from a circular button to a heart shaped one or anything else that fancies you and we will design it for you. Yes Yes
Menu Sequence: Our developers could change the sequence of the pages and the Menu grid if you have specific requirements. Yes Yes

Application Functionality:

Features Admin Guest
User Access ControlThe Administrator (you) get access to special privileges that are not available to the guests. This is enabled by inserting an password that’s exclusive to the Admin. Yes Yes
Live Music: Customers have the choice of playing a background music of once choice. This is from our collection of stock music. The music maybe switched off or on. Yes Yes
Reminders: Unlimited reminders can be set on the app to ensure you don’t miss critical events. These reminders appear appear on the header of your mobile at the given time. Yes Yes
RSVP: Invitees may RSVP their availability either by SMS or Email directly from the App. The SMS’s and Emails will be automatically sent to your Phone or Email ID. No Yes
Request Personal App: Users can request the SD Team for a Personalized App by filling a simple form within the App. Yes Yes
Google Maps: Find the venue location at the click of a button with this feature. You will have to be connected to the internet to avail this feature. Yes Yes
Wishes: A special feature where invitees can send you their wishes for the occasion. No Yes
Transmit App: Propagate the application among your friends and family using this feature. Share the Google Play link with all your friends by Email, SMS and Social Media. Yes No
Notes: Capture notes on the fly. Add, modify or delete. You will not need another application to manage your wedding scribbles. Yes No




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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Why do I need a Wedding App?
How do I get one?
How expensive is the app?
How long does it take to develop the app?
Could I ask for new features and functionality?
Can I send you my own designs?
How do I make a Payment?
How do I share the App with my guests, friends and family?
How much information should I give you to start work on the app?
Is this app available on iPhone, Windows and Blackberry?
Who will support the App after Go Live?
Will you also create my Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Wedding Page?
Will you be able to design my Wedding Website?
Why are your services so inexpensive?
Can I become your reseller?


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Custom Designs:

Each App is unique and no two apps are the same. The designs could be an extension of your wedding theme or your printed wedding invite or completely unique.

The designer works with the customer every step of the way to ensure that the app is completely in line with the customers expectation from the site design.

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Personalized Logo

An exclusively designed logo for the App
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Password Protection

To ensure that your content is protected
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Background Music

Stock Music to be played in the background
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Program Details Page

Where the Program details are displayed
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Venue Details Page

Where the Venue details are displayed
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Wishes Page

Where guests can send private messages to the customer
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Notes Page

Where Customer can add and edit simple Notes
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Where the Guests can indicate their availability for the event
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Our Story Page

A small write up about the couple
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Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery
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About The App

A small write up about the construct of the app.
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Request Similar App

A feature for guests to request a similar app to be designed
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Website Required

A design coordinated website at an additional cost
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FB Page Required

A design coordinated FB Page
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Twitter Page Required

A design coordinated Twitter Page
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Google + Page Required

A design coordinated Google Plus Page/em>
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App Details:

General Info - App Logo

General Info - Font

Opening Screen - Invite Quote

Opening Screen - Company Logo

Invite Screen - Name of Bride

Invite Screen - Name of Groom

Invite Screen - Invite Write-up

Password Screen - Password

Menu Screen - Button Specifications

Invitation Screen - Content Text

Program Screen

Venue Screen - Address Details

Venue Screen - GPS Coordinates

Our Story



Contact Screen - Mobile

Contact Screen - Landline

Contact Screen - Email

Contact Screen - FB Link

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